The Legendary Sons Of Crack Daniels

What hideous whiskey-soaked love tryst begat The Legendary Sons of Crack Daniels I fear to imagine.

Somewhere in the backwoods of radio free    America, their cracklin souls scratched out of the transistor speakers into our generation. Like time-warped Troubadours from a past with talent unlike todays, The Legendary Sons of Crack Daniels have grown together in a new musical form.

Cracker and Blacker create something entirely unique and apart from their own sounds. Together they create something that Morphine, Primus and Hank Williams would all hear in their waking nightmares. -Recording artist - Adam Mackintosh



(musical sibling pay tribute to dead father)
"Pappy liked to do him a little drinkin" says Blacker,
the younger of the two half brothers.

Born just days apart, "our time of conception was even
closer" says Cracker, "You see ol' daddy Crack, rest
his soul, and our mommas did a little partyin one
night. and Blacker an' me...well, we're as close to
twins as you can get, him bein colored an' all..."
Blacker nods, adding "We never knew pappy , except from
one old picture and the stories our mommas tell."


Records show that the senior Daniels died of

unknown causes prior to the birth of his sons, and the grief stricken mothers rented a Memphis flat and raised the boys together.

"Our mommas always spoke highly of him," says Cracker, "They say that even though pappy had a reputation for bein wild, he was a good man."

Band Members:

Cracker Daniels: guitar, harmonica, singin, bass, foot stomp

Blacker Daniels: guitar, singin, mandolin, drums, hoots and hollers

Influences: whiskey, women, heartbreak...the usual and the unusual.

Sounds Like: a goddam good time!