M E D I Areviews

March 11, 2011  Los Angeles Times
Purgatory Hill. Cigar box guitar revolution:

'It's like folk music turned inside out'

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 11:33 PM
Last time pat mAcDonald played in town, he was a
one-man sideshow, a carny troubadour laying the
truth on his pedal board while bathed in red
light. There's usually only a hint of his
Timbuk3 days in performance, but mAc s dark
vision of stomp rock is trainwreck-compelling on
stage. This time, he s accompanied by
singer/cellist/percussionist melaniejane, the
angel to his devil s bargain. - Margaret Moser,
The Austin Chronicle

Review by Paddy Finneran of Racine Journal Times
"...There was no lack of heat tonight at
Linnemann's in Milwaukee. pat mAcdonald is the guy who hit
fame with the song "The Future's So Bright, I
Gotta Wear Shades" but he's so much more than
that. The two of them onstage have such an
arsenal of instruments - pat: guitar, cigarbox
slide guitar, stompbox and harmonica,
melaniejane: electric cello, keyboard, variety
of hand percussion - it sounds like a full band.
having heard a couple songs by them at an
earlier show I was expecting a lot from them.
They delivered.

Dark Sexy Dangerous and completely Spellbinding.
Deep hypnotic grooves oozing with lustful
throbbing and undeniable intelligence. mAcdonald
and melaniejane brought the music to
where it usually yearns to go but rarely arrives
- a spiritual plane of wonder and awe.

Oh yeah, they also rocked the audience's face